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Skandlit offers you professional, careful, timely, and reliable services for the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian language.

Skandlit now offers germanlessons, too! Also for Integrationcourses (BAMF)!
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language courses

Skandlit offers professional Danish language courses – either private individual lessons or small group courses tailored according to your individual needs or the needs of your firm. The courses can be held either at your firm or in your own home.

Skandlit also provides you with the option of using up-to-date online language learning methods. Through the use of online communication programs, such as Skype, you have the opportunity to learn Danish in your very own home. You only need a computer, a fast Internet connection, headphones and a microphone.

Skandlit usually trains in lessons of minimum 90 minutes. However, individual lessons can also be arranged or day courses can be booked.

Skandlit offers you with the special workshop „Snak med en dansker“ the unique opportunity to apply what you learn by having direct conversations with Danish people living in Berlin.

Skandlit arranges workshops around interesting themes related to the geography, history and culture of Denmark. We also provide intensive learning courses for fast learners and those who plan to live in Denmark.


Skandlit cooperates with the following customers/companies (selection):

Piper Verlag GmbH

Auswärtiges Amt, Berlin, Sprachenzentrum

VHS Berlin-Neukölln
KVlegal, Berlin
Gerhard Link, RA und Notar Berlin
Vintage Galore
Carina Wahlberg


Skandlit is offered to you by Tanja Sieg, M.A.

Tanja Sieg has been working for several years as a freelance lecturer for leading publishing companies, as well as a freelance journalist, emphasizing in Scandinavian themes.

She has taught Danish classes for several well-known and prestigious public and private language schools, including teaching courses at the University of Hamburg. Tanja Sieg has studied in Hamburg, Berlin, and Copenhagen, earning degrees that include Scandinavian studies, Grammar and Language studies, and German studies.

She has lived and worked all over Denmark, notably in Copenhagen.

Tanja Sieg, M.A.
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